Tuesday, January 22, 2008

They're at it again!

Well guys..They are at it again!! Who? You may be asking? Why Williams-Sonoma! I just love their season clearance sales!! You can find incredible deals in the stores and on line.

Yeah..I need to learn how to do the cool link thing...with just the name of the place...
Anyway.. These plates come in a set of 4, lovely blue or mustard yellowish trim and they have these vintage labels stamped on them.

These sets were originally 42.00 for 4..I scooped two sets up for 9.99 for 4! Wahoo!! Aaannnd I got a stainless pasta roller for 5.00!

Like I said, amazing clearance items and special online sales as well! Enjoy!



Ellenay Designs said...

Hi ! Thanks for the post. I'm going there next. I had picked those exact plates out of the catalog when I got it in the mail and now I'm hoping to get them on sale! We must have similar tastes. I love your pendants too!

Take care! Happy soldering!

BellaColle said...

oh gosh yes.. not because of the plates..but yes..I knew there was something I liked about you Lori! Xo

Cottage Contessa said...

Oh how I WISH we had this store in OZ!!! Maybe one day! I can well understand your excitement, I get almost dizzy at a homewares sale! lol
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)