Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Thank you ladies!

First off, I wanted to thank everyone for your kind words and prayers these past few days. It really meant alot logging on and see you guys stopped and said "Hello" so... this is for you!
Second...my dear sweet friends Monica http://www.monicacrowe.com/ and Kara http://innocentcharmschats.blogspot.com/ gave me this award...Both ladies are so kind and fun.. go visit them, I know you will be glad you did...
Take care..

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Ellenay Designs said...

I went to Hobby Lobby today and thought about you. I didn't find the blingies, but didn't have a lot of extra time. I stopped by and saw about your loss. I am truly sorry. As a fellow Christian it blessed my heart to read her testimony. You will see her again. It's so hard now though. Take care and God bless you.