Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Akkk it is soo cold! Yes..Yes...I know...it's cold all over! Wow! We are sittin' here tonight with a

-40 f wind chill. How cold is it where you are? We were teased with 4o degrees yesterday and now it is that BELOW ZERO. I can't say in the 7 years I've lived up here that it's been this cold.. and cold for soooooooo long.

Some one was usin' their noggin today and called school out early Yay!! I pray that they allow at least a two hour delay for school tomorrow. -40 for at least 8 hours..not alot of vehicles are going to be starting at 7 a.m.

Winter... the whiteness... all things for a time and a season.. The good Lord has a plan..I know it, but I pray for His mercy for us. I know there are people tonight cold... not just in my city, but others..that worries me! I know our church has given money to some folks already so they can pay their heat bills... What about the elderly? Those beautiful folks who can't get up that easy and turn the heat up..who won't because they are afraid of the insane bills that will follow..

How are you guys doin'? ... I am soo ready for Winter to calm abit..yes, even better to slip silently away...lol..

I do have some 'warmth' today... My sweet Kara of http://innocentcharmschats.blogspot.com/ sent me this lovely bracelet! I love the beads and tigerseye stones.... right dear? Anyway.. I love it..it's warm..go visit the lovely Kara!! This amazing lady has created some lovely pieces!

It's time... time for Spring... well, I can't do anything about the weather.. maybe it's time for a manicure! LOL!

Can ya see it? It's OPI's 'ink'... no, I'm not goth... I'm just in a 'inky' kinda mood! lol! Well guys..it's cold.. dark... but I know it will be Spring soon... Hope folks are okay... gosh I wish I had a fire place!... XO
...#2 put it quiet well... "We are on Hoth , mom... (think...Star Wars)"


nannykim said...

Well, I'd like a bit of the snow--if you are going to have the gray weather and the dreery days, might as well have a touch of snow and ice to give some glimmer!!

~love said...

-40?! and i was despising our -17!! i was so thankful to have the day off today to hibernate and play!! =)

FarmHouse Style said...

Oh, my goodness, Christine! Those are some seriously dangerous temps!!! I know how painful it feels at 17 above....I can't even imagine 40 below! YIKES!!!

Stay safe and warm.


BTW I love the bracelet:)

Anonymous said...