Sunday, June 17, 2007

One more!

What is that you may ask? The ship is the very one I met my true love on! My Hubby of (gosh) 17 yrs.!?!! Why am I posting? Hmmm to squeeze one more post in before Sunday... Yup, it's Fathers day tomorrow. I am thankful that Keith Sr. is the man of my dreams and the Father to my children!
Well, does this need explaining? I don't know..., MY father sent me this one via e-mail for all of us (especially the boys) to see! One way or another! OOHHRAHHH!
This is another sent to us by my father... Folks only see one side... in the 'media machine' today there is one side...The above picture is what is true and good.. our military is still the best! Our nation is what is good and true.
Well, that is my tribute to my Dad. God bless America!
God bless our forefathers that sacrificed so much for us..God bless the fathers who are sacrificing so much today for our freedom!
Happy Fathers Day, Dad!

(Oh, to clarify... My Father is Retired LTCOl. 101st airborne ranger!)


allison strine said...

You really said it well! Thanks for posting on my blog... I'm off to shop at your Etsy!

Monica Yvette said...

Oh, that's really sweet, your tribute to your dad. My dad was a Marine who fought in Vietnam. He's my hero for that and many reasons. Great post, and thanks for your comments!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Amen! God Bless them all--and Happy Father's Day too. Smiles, Karen

bellacolle said...

Hurray for all the dads!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

I just saw this...your dad is retired from Ft. Campbell,Ky then right? I live 20 minutes from there!