Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Go,Go Go Joseph!

I just witnessed an awesome play tonight! Has anyone ever seen this play? I have, long time ago. What made it special tonight is that my #1 son (whom I am very proud off!)was in it! This is the summer production of our high school in town (my son isn't a highschooler yet will be in the fall), and may I add a very fine production indeed!
Okay, so what character is my son? Why, he's one of Joseph's brothers, Dan to be precise! It was enjoyable to see all of the kids actually! The young man who played Joseph is actually going on to college in the fall and majoring in drama. All of the kids right down to the youth choir worked very hard.
Okay... my favorite part is this one! Seeing as I like Elvis and all!lol! This is such a fun production if you have a chance to see it, GO!
'Go go go Joseph, you know what they say....'

(the pictures aren't of the play sadly...:( they wouldn't let us take pictures!)


nikki/WhiMSy love said...

I sooo would've snuck a camera in!Hooray for your son. I bet he had a blast! I've never seen that play. I'd love to see it! I love plays & musicals. My favorite? STOMP!

bellacolle said...

I would have snuck a camera but I was afraid the camera police would have come and taken me away!lol! He did have a blast. It's a neat play. I can't say I've seen STOMP, but I see previews for it. Maybe next times its here we will go and see! Plays and musicals are alot of fun!;)

Mosaique par Ully said...

I bet you were proud, and rightly so, if children are interested in this kind of activity you must have raised them right. ( which I never doubted ) :0 I can not believe that #1 son is that old already, how time flies. I was afraid I can not go on the internet today, because of the floor, every thing had to be moved and disconnected, but it was the first thing I did get every thing going again, Good job with # 1 Son.

bellacolle said...

So, glad you checked in Mosaiquepar ully... Yup, he's getting old... which means I'm getting old too AGGGH! lol