Friday, June 8, 2007

My Hour

My Hour,
... It's time indeed I stole to bed.
How peacefully the house is sleeping!
Ah! why should I strange fortunes plan?
To guard the dear ones in my keeping-
That's task enough for any man (woman)

So through dim seas I'll ne'er go spoiling;
The red Tortuga's never roam;
Please God! I'll keep the pot a-boiling,
And make at least a happy home.

My children's path shall gleam with roses,
Their grace abound, their joy increase.
And so my Hour divinely closes
With tender thoughts of praise and peace.
~from 'Ballads of a Bohemian'
By Robert W.Service

1 comment:

bellacolle said...

Well, how peaceful it is to rest your head and Thank God for what He has blessed you with!