Tuesday, June 5, 2007

My new white ring

Hi, we're baaackkk! I will post about our trip alittle later. (My hubby and the kids ran off with the camera so I can't upload anything) So, in the mean time... I thought I'd share my new white ring! A wonderful Etsy metal smith artist extraordinaire created this lovely just for me! I have to say it probably took her a good month because I was soo picky ... she was so patient and kind and took the time to make sure and find the right white stone! I was joking with her that it was my "White wale". MetalSmitten is her name fabulous hand crafted jewelry is her game! If you click on the title to this blog it will take you to her Etsy shop.
Anyone out there have such a wonderful experience like that with a patient artist? Fabulous artist like Metalsmitten need to be recognized!
Please feel free to share and stop back later... I'll be posting about our trip!


nikki/WhiMSy love said...

That ring is beautiful! I'm going to check her out!! I love that she let you design it & get it how you wanted!! What finger will you wear it on?

bellacolle said...

Thanks so much,oh, please do! Check her out.! I wear it on my right ring finger... I'm actually wearing it in the Tundra Lodge picture.