Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Who's afraid of a little color?

{Designers in Residence 2000}
Who's afraid of a little Color ?
I must admit I am...a bit color shy when it comes to room colors...granted I have a dove gray bathroom..and a sage green hallway. But I've never been so carefree to add wonderful color. I stick to neutral backdrops...tan..white..lightest of pink, NEVER reds! or orange or yellow..

{Traditional Homes May 2008}
But, I think once we can sell this house we are in and move.. I will try some wonderful new color palettes!! Would you just look at the wonderful colors in this living room!! My scanner didn't truly pick up the colors like it should... that is chartreuse on the ceiling ladies and gentlemen! The chairs are pink with yellow piping..Aren't those curtain a wonderful splash of freshness?

{Traditional Home May 2008}
This wonderful settee is yellow and hot pink! These bright colors really do warm up the room. If you are color shy like I am, simple throw pillows would be a great 'baby step' to inject a room with a punch of color. Hmmm..I'm really digging the pinks!!

{Designers in Residence 2000}
Liven up a dinning room in red?!! Never in a million years would I put such a dramatic color on the walls..till now... color is wonder! It brightens the mood and can evoke wonderful feelings of comfort or excitement.
Why not try some color today?! Hmm..where is that hot pink spray paint?!lol....
Happy Wed. everyone.


Charlotte said...

The photo's that you posted from Traditional Home all have white/netural walls with pops of color in the curtains; pillows, and hard funishings. By keeping the walls netural and using pops of color throughout the room not only helps to create drama but it also allows your eye a rest without the busyness of too many different colors competing. Thanks for sharing such pretty rooms.

Cottage Contessa said...

Gorgeous photo's! If you would really like to play with some colour, then I think you should sweetie. Life is too short for fear! If worse comes to worse, you can always repaint! I am at the other end of the scale, I've always decoated with loads of bright colours, and am just now playing with....white! I'm having a great time with it too! lol Have a great day Christine!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)