Monday, May 19, 2008

New Charm and found texture

Happy Monday... Busy weekend.. I have been painting and sprucing up to get the house ready to sell our selves... I just had to pause as I was packing some odds and ends away... with the wonderful textures around me.. I'm constantly looking for inspiration around me and I didn't even stop and realize I had inspiration right in my own bedroom... This is one of my bedside table lamps.. I smudged my self out of the reflection..but I just love the silver sheen these lamps have.. smooth and cool to the touch.. mini gazing balls.

This is a beautiful white rose wreath that hangs over our bed. Now with the chocolate froth walls and white trim..soft pristine folds right above our head...

Here is a antique picture that hangs on our door... simple.. the gilded frame adds a beautiful ridged trim...

Now to my favorite! I love birds nests... something about the intricate weave of the grass and fibers makes me feel all cozy.. Aren't the smooth eggs lovely? The colors are a wonderful tan and the faintest of blue... wonderful inspiration for my blog colors! I'll have to play around with that later. Let's see.. we have; smooth, soft, thread like.... lovely..

This is the inspiration for the Mothers Nest available in the Shoppe

Here is a new charm available there as well... Only one available...when it's gone it's gone..

Here is the front...
Have a great Monday!
What wonderful texture can be found in your world?