Friday, May 23, 2008

Loveliness of Patina

Patina: (pat'n-a) noun. 1. A fine crust or film on bronze or copper: it is usually green or greenish blue and is formed by natural oxidation; it is valued as being ornamental. 2. Any thin coating or color change resulting from age, as on the surface of old woodwork.

I patina-ed some larger collage charms I made many moons ago today... I love how they turned out! They have a wonderful quality of loved and aged treasures from long ago.

Some folks have the luxury of being able to buy brand new high end furniture and accessories.. but we don't here..But that's okay because being the sentimental fool I am, worn and loved is what I prize!
This charm says " Keep up appearances what every you do" and have a Victorian lady on the front.
These two are the backs of " He's tough ma'am tough" and "Has anyone seen my dog Totto?"

Here it is as a drawer pull on a loved dresser at the top of our stairs that holds our linens...

These larger charms are so much fun! They add whimsy and interest where ever they are...

Patina is so beautiful in my eyes.. I use estate silver everyday, and no it's not bright and shinny.. Things that have acquired this wonderful warm look always remind me of older relatives homes... a feeling of comfort and fun...

{Designers in Residence 2000}
Who is the 'Queen of Patina'? There is no one in my mind that embodies this sense of timeless elegance The.... Carol Hicks Bolton

You can find some of her wonderful creations at Homestead Hico

{Mary Engelbreit Nov. 1999}

Can't you just see these wonderful treasures coming from some wonderful estate somewhere? Aged and loved pieces have history... that what makes them such a wonder to me. Who owned this originally? Was this a wedding present? Things like that...

{Mary Engelbreit Nov. 1999}
And if you do find a treasure but it seems abit too new.... you can patina it your self with a bath of coffee... or there are patina acids that turn metal that wonderful color like what I used on my charms...
Patina... something lovely this Friday...
Have a wonderful weekend!