Wednesday, May 7, 2008

15 min. manicure

Okay... we are going to do a little test here on the 'ole blog... Yes, that is MY hand there in the pictures.
I love wonderfully manicured nails. BUT some people like me take the time to paint them and with the way I use my hands as tools.. good luck on keeping a beautiful clean paint job.. then, there is my attention span.. I am so notorious for 'picking' at the paint and we all know that is an etiquette 'NO NO' . I've done the professional salon set and that gets to be so pricey! Not to mention #1 winds up wanting to strangle his brothers if he is left to baby sit for very long...AAAANND...those salon nails sometime turn out too thick and that gets on my nerves because I can never pick up things with my finger tips.. SOOOO...Enter Broadway Nails I found these babies at WalMart... I'm going to see if they are worth the 5$ I paid for them! Hence the test. The packaging says they are to last 10 days..we shall see my pretties!

Well, the application time took 15 minuets! Not bad. Ever done a home French Manicure? First you have to paint the tips..let that dry..then the rest...let that dry ... top coat! Truthfully, that's all it took me to put these on...15 min.

They actually look like my real nails! They are 'naturally' thin too! So, I will keep you guys posted and see if these nails actually last the 10+ days they say.

I didn't capture the name in the picture, but again... these are called Broadway Nails and I found them at WalMart.
Hope your week is 'rockin'